We seek development opportunities in:

High Barrier-to-Entry Markets

  • Characteristics
    • Underserved by asset class (residential, retail, office or hospitality) due to very high demand and lack of supply
    • Appeals to sophisticated and highly educated populations with high household incomes
  • Seek core and irreplaceable investment opportunities

Emerging Secondary Markets

  • Characteristics
    • Attractive to demographic that values an urban/walkable/active lifestyle
    • Requires local knowledge to identify properties with potential
    • Path of growth opportunities
  • Seek value creation opportunities
    • Repositioning of existing property through redevelopment or major value add
    • Create leverage through public and private partnerships
    • Partnerships with other developers

Why we are successful in High Barrier to Entry and Emerging Secondary/Urban Markets:

Our Approach

  • We are not a commodity or “cookie cutter” developer, aiming to fit projects to a formula. We pride ourselves on projects that are customized and authentic to their locations.
  • We employ a genuine and comprehensive community engagement process, based on high-touch engagement.
  • We are passionate about creating place and an urban lifestyle that appeals to a sophisticated demographic.
  • We selected exceptional collaborative partners, from designers, engineers and lawyers to the creative minds who make our projects unique.

Long-term View

  • We work with investors, partners and clients who have a long-term view. This leads to projects that are designed, built and leased at a far higher quality level than merchant builders/developers.


  • We are experts in individual local land-use policies and know how to use them to our advantage when needed.

Who is the ideal
investor / partner / client?

Entities with a long-term investment horizon including Family Offices, international investors with long term hold horizon, developers who require local expertise and property owners who do not have the skill set to develop property on their own.