Greg Schank

Vice President of Construction
Greg has over 20 years of design and construction experience with a broad range of responsibilities in upscale residential and commercial environments. At Harmonie Park, Greg is responsible for all design and construction operations. An award-winning construction executive, he excels at re-envisioning layout designs and execution; and managing challenging project with a solutions-based focus – from budgets and timelines to the diverse interests of numerous stakeholders.
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  • Hotel Cerro, San Luis Obispo $35M
  • Amazon Repair and Maintenance Pr ogram, Western Region $500K
  • Kendall Rd PGE Facility, San Luis Obispo $7M
  • Amazon TI, Pacific St, San Luis Obispo $1.2M
  • Carlton Hotel, Atascadero, CA, Hospitality, Project Value: $17M
  • Frogsong Co-housing/Mixed-Use, Cotati, CA, Ground up Residential with Retail and Community buildings, Project Value: $25M
  • Waterfront Apartments, Petaluma, CA, 4,500 SF Commercial Space/105 Apartment Units, Project Value: $35M
  • Hamilton Marketplace, Novato, CA, 90,000 SF Mission Style Shopping Center on 8 acres Commercial/Retail, Project Value: $25M
  • Theatre Square, Petaluma, CA, Commercial/Retail, Project Value: $40M
  • H2hotel, Healdsburg, CA, Hospitality, Project Value: $5M
  • 1720 Dean York Lane, St. Helena, CA – Entire interior renovation
  • 1139 Stonybrook Drive, Napa, CA, Estate renovation, site improvements
  • 156 Oakdale, Mill Valley, CA, New 3500 SF Single family home
  • 306 Oakdale, Mill Valley, CA New 2800 SF Single family home
  • 1 Lark Court, Larkspur, CA, New 2500 SF Single family home
  • Staff development and construction team
  • Portfolios and Program architect
  • San Francisco Infill Development
  • SF soft story seismic program
  • BRE Properties development and construction large mixed use properties
  • Bay Area High End Residential Estimating and Construction
  • St Helena, Napa and Marin Ground up fine home speculative building
  • Green built environment
  • Safeway #1576, Santa Rosa, CA, PV: $1,258,000M
  • Safeway Center Retail Shops, Menlo Park, CA   PV: $2,032,000M
  • Safeway #2828, Hamilton Marketplace, Novato, CA PV: $5,423,000M
  • Hamilton Marketplace Shops and Sitework, Novato, CA PV:$8,016.000M
  • Safeway#1265, Exterior Remodel, Santa Rosa, CA PV $554,000K
  • Safeway#0998, Healdsburg, CA, PV: $1,045,000M
  • Safeway#0769, Novato, CA, PV: $163,000K
  • Safeway#0965, Willits, CA, PV: $2,021,000M
  • Safeway#0774, Benicia, CA , PV: $955,000K
  • Safeway#0653, San Rafael, CA, PV: $1,257,000M
  • Safeway#950, Guerneville, CA, PV: $1,131,000M
  • Safeway#2318, Corte Madera, CA, PV: $1,670,000M
  • Safeway#788, Sitework, Mill Valley, CA, PV: $886,000K
  • Whole Foods Market, Mill Valley, CA, PV: $930,000K
  • Whole Foods Market, Santa Rosa, CA, PV: $1,374,000M
  • Exchange Bank, Cotati, CA, PV: $52,000K
  • Safeway#0796, Petaluma, CA, PV: $1,370,000M
  • Safeway#1722, Fairfield, CA, PV: $1,037,000M
  • Safeway#3122, Auburn, CA, PV: $2,892,000M
  • Safeway#2708, Alameda, CA, PV: $4,722,000M
  • Safeway, #2718, Mill Valley, CA, PV: $5,175,000M
  • Safeway, #1434, Windsor, CA, PV: $996,000K
  • Safeway, #1583, Ukiah, CA, PV: $880,000K
  • Safeway, #1723, San Anselmo, CA, PV: $810,000K
  • Safeway, #0713, Santa Rosa, CA, PV: $963,000K
  • Safeway, #911, Sonoma, CA, PV: $940,000K
  • Safeway, #1259, Antioch, CA, PV: 664,000K
  • Mendocino Marketplace:
  • Safeway#1576, Shops A, B & C, Santa Rosa, CA, PV: $9,846,000K
  • Safeway#2449, Napa, CA, PV: $4,619,000M
  • Safeway, #1502, Pleasanton, CA, PV: $598,000K
  • Safeway Soup Carts, Various Locations, Northern, CA, PV: $250,000K
  • ADA Survey Projects, Various Locations, Northern, CA, PV: $500,000K

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