This developer finds a niche by looking for the ‘in-between’ places in Silicon Valley

Wendi Baker, principal and COO at Los Gatos-based Harmonie Park Development Co., has been around Silicon Valley working on mixed-use, high-density, walkable developments.

Wendi Baker | Title and company: President and COO, Harmonie Park Development Co. | Family: Husband of 16 years and two children: Trevor, age 10; Vivian, age 7 | Residence: Saratoga | Education: B.S., economics and environmental geography at Syracuse University; master’s, urban and regional planning, San Jose State University | Career path: Baker has worked in planning at Charles W. Davidson Co. starting in the late ’90s, before moving to HMH Engineers. For the past 12 years, she’s taken on multiple leadership roles at SummerHill Homes, including vice president of development for the company’s East Bay team. She is now a principal, president and COO at Harmonie Park Development.

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